First Blog 2017 September - The home of Phillfoto

This is my first attempt at a blog.

I would like to put my phone tutorials on this page.

This year I spent several months visiting clubs around Queensland to give talks on Art Photography, Creative Photography, Creative phone Photography and how to create a portfolio.

I really enjoyed meeting people and travelling however I am getting OLD and it seems to me that having a blog might be easier on the body than full day meetings, night meetings and travelling to a timetable.

A bit about me: I became interested in Photography when I retired. I joined the local Gold Coast Photographic Society (GCPS) and the Australian Photographic Society (APS). Later I joined the Photographic Society of America.

I have been on the management committees of APS, the GCPS and the Photographic Society of Queensland.

I enjoy helping others with their photography.

My husband also accompanies me with my endeavours.

We have 2 Daughters, 2 Grand Daughters, 1 step Grandson and 1 Great Grand Daughter.