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01 Snapseed Tutorial Saving a mono image with some color. 1. Open Snapseed (Logo with green leaves) top left. Mono%20Tutorial/IMG_3308.PNG 2. In Settings make sure that you have the highest resolution and that you save the images to PNG as this is a lossless jpg. Mono%20Tutorial/IMG_3320.PNG 3. Click to open. 4. Choose an image Mono%20Tutorial/IMG_3309.PNG 5. Click on Tools (middle option on the lower edge of the updated (September 2017) Snapseed. Mono%20Tutorial/IMG_3310.PNG 6. Click on Tune Image. 7. Click on the 3 lines, Lower edge, to bring up choices. 8. Adjust your image to taste the click on Saturation. 9. Reduce the Saturation to -100 (Look at the blue line) Mono%20Tutorial/IMG_3312.PNG 10.You may need to put the contrast up or change the brightness. 11. Click on the tick, lower right. 12. Click on the third icon from the top right and go down to view edits. Mono%20Tutorial/IMG_3313.PNG 13. Now you can see all your edits down the right hand side. Mono%20Tutorial/IMG_3314.PNG 14. Click on Tune image. 15. You have 3 choices: remove this stage, mask or readjust. Click on Mask (paintbrush). 16. You can now see the color image. Paint over the part that you want to be mono or, if its easier over the parts you want to stay color. In this instance I will paint over the Gold Meter maids. Mono%20Tutorial/IMG_3315.PNG 17. If you make a mistake and go outside the lines the click on the down arrow until it reads 0 then remove unwanted mask and click on the up arrow to continue your work. Mono%20Tutorial/IMG_3316.PNG 18. As I want the girls to be Gold and the rest mono I need to click on the triangle/circle Option. 19. Then I click on the tick. Mono%20Tutorial/IMG_3317.PNG 20. Click on the little arrow, top left. 21. Click on the word Export, lower Right. Mono%20Tutorial/IMG_3318.PNG 22. Click Save a Copy. This will go to your photos album. Never click Save or you will lose your original image. Mono%20Tutorial/IMG_3319.PNG